4 Common Maintenance Problems Affecting Your Brakes

The brakes are some of the most complicated components of your vehicle. As you gain miles, there are a variety of things that can go wrong. Learning to decipher the warning signs can drastically simplify car repair. Take the mystery out of your brakes by educating yourself on these four common mishaps.

Soft Brake Pedal

This is one of the most serious auto maintenance problems you can have. If your brake sinks to the floor without adequately slowing down your car, it is most likely because of a leak in the master cylinder of the braking system.

Your Car Pulls to One Side

If you feel a significant pull to the left or right as you drive, your caliper is probably frozen. If the piston in the caliper gets stuck in its bore, it can freeze up over time.

Shaky Steering Wheel

It’s never good if your steering wheel vibrates every time you hit the brakes. It’s a sign that you should visit your auto repair shop for rotor resurfacing or replacement.

Pulsing Brake Pedal

When you apply your foot to the brake pedal, it should remain still rather than pulse up and down. This is probably another problem with the rotor, which can become warped from excessive heating and cooling.

Understanding the causes and effects of your braking system can make car repair more enjoyable. Keep yourself and others safe by making sure your brakes are in great condition.

Ford Technician

How to Find a Great Ford Service Specialist

If you are the proud owner of a Ford vehicle, it’s important to think proactively about how to keep it properly maintained. Luckily, a Ford service establishment can help you do that. There are a couple of helpful ways you can find a skilled technician and begin a long-term working relationship with him or her.

Talk to Other Ford Owners
It’s a very good idea to take your vehicle to be serviced at a place that specializes in working on Ford automobiles, rather than just opting for a general service station. With that in mind, have a chat with other people you know who own Fords and see where they take those vehicles for tune-ups.

Do Research Online
The Internet is a handy method to find service providers who are established near your home or workplace. Focus your search on those options, so it will not be too inconvenient if you have to go without your automobile while it is getting checked. Some automotive service station websites even feature collections of genuine reviews from actual customers to give you an idea what to expect.

These are just a couple of methods to depend on when you are searching for a smart and thorough provider of Ford service. Rely on them when you’re ready to put your car in good hands and get charged a fair price.

The Dune Buggy’s First Appearance

The dune buggy is an adventurous recreational vehicle equipped with wide, huge tires and a light body used to tear through sand dunes or beaches. This sand master is small, but has quite the history. It is hard to discuss the history of the dune buggy without mentioning the name Bruce Meyers, however he wasn’t the first inventor of the dune buggy.

According to JM4 Motorsports, in the late 1950’s a Volkswagen dealership, EMPI, released the first ever dune buggy kit that was called the Sportster. It was priced for $500, designed from a Beetle floor plan and made from sheet metal. Meyers was aware of the Sportster, but wasn’t impressed with its style or materials so he ventured on his own to come up with a better model. 

He had prior experience with fiberglass and therefore was drawn to using that material for his model. It took him approximately 18 months to finish his first Manx dune buggy with its very own structural skin. Once the Manx was on the market, word spread fast and he had orders for 12 kits in the first month. He was selling each kit for double the cost of the Sportster.

Meyers was driven by his goal of inventing something that could “take you wherever you wanted to go.” The history of the dune buggy begins with the Manx from Meyers. Many different dune buggies have been produced since then, but most of them have been inspired by the original Meyers Manx.

Identifying A Brake Problem

At the first sign of trouble, it is important to get your brakes inspected.  Bad break symptoms include vibrations, smells, unusual sounds, and feelings.  These signs mean that you need new brakes.  Don’t wait, replace worm parts immediately.  Parts like brake pads are the first to wear out, also rotors start to warp, both of these contribute to a shorter life span of brakes due to grinding of metal to metal.

In the case of brake pads and shoes, screeching, grinding, squealing, rubbing, and other loud noises indicate you need new brake pads.  In addition, if you find yourself applying more pressure on the brake pedal for longer durations of time this indicates you need new brake pads.  Don’t wait till the brake pads are so worn out that you are in a situation where you cannot stop.  Your brake system speaks in volumes to you, be aware of pulsation and vibration in the pedal.  This will warp your rotors.

Odd smells can signal that something could be wrong with your brakes.  If you start to experience an odor or a pungent smell from your brakes, than its time to visit your local auto mechanic.  These smells are not normal and can result in dangerous driving scenarios.  Do a thorough brake inspection to know what part of your braking system is developing a problem.