30 Thousand Euro Loan | Review of Cash and Consolidation Loans

A loan of 30,000 euro in cash and consolidation in a bank. In which bank to take a loan for 30 thousand euro? Check below for a list of banks and loans in which you can apply for such a loan.

Let’s start with the most popular credit products in banks, such as loans and cash loans. Popular, but also the most expensive. The vast majority of banks set nominal interest rates at a high level (currently the maximum permitted nominal interest rate is 10% per annum). If the interest rate is relatively low, the commission on granting the loan is high. It all affects the total cost of the loan.

That is why it is so important to compare the total cost of the loan and their APRC if we want the price of the loan at €30,000.

Below is an estimated loan calculation of 30 thousand euro: loan period – loan installment – total loan cost:

  • 3 years – €927 – €3,3372,
  • 4 years – €719 – €4,512,
  • 5 years – €594 – €5,640,
  • 6 years – €511 – €6,792,
  • 7 years – €452 – €7,968,
  • 8 years – €408 – €9,168,
  • 9 years – €374 – €10,392,

In which bank for a loan 30 thousand euro? List of banks and cash loans for 30 thousand euro:

30 thousand euro loan. Consolidating loan

30 thousand euro loan. Consolidating loan

The amount of total costs in the case of consolidation loans is slightly lower than cash loans. Thanks to consolidation, we can “combine” several loan commitments into one and instead of only a few installments pay only one. By extending the loan repayment period, we obtain a lower installment at the expense of increasing the interest on the loan.

Where for a loan 30 thousand euro consolidation? An overview of the latest bank proposals:

Interest, commission and possible insurance all affect the cost of the consolidation loan. Consolidation loan €30,000 for 5 years with a nominal interest rate of 4.90%, with a commission on the loan of 6.00%, insurance in the amount of €3,176 is a total cost of €10,000. The loan installment will amount to approx. €660.

Higher interest rates of less than 0.7% with a commission of 9% and less insurance (€2,900), the total cost of the loan is 11 thousand euro, and the installments close to €700.

Comparing only the individual components of credit costs, we are unable to determine if it is a cheap consolidation loan. It is necessary to pay attention to the total cost of the loan or APY.

Also in the case of credit consolidation, it is important to analyze several bank offers before making a decision. Perhaps this will require some time, but even if we compare only two credit offers, it will save money anyway.

30 thousand euro mortgage loan – not available.
30 thousand euro car loan – check in the car loans section.
Non-bank cash loan of 30 thousand euro via the Internet – not available.