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Consolidation loan 80 thousand euro. Consolidation loan €80,000 with additional cash that can be used for any purpose. Check out the latest offers of loans in banks.  

In the event that we would like to “free ourselves” from too many installments and loans and convert them all into one loan, then it is worth considering a consolidation loan.

Consolidation is first and foremost a quick and convenient solution by means of which you can “combine” several obligations into one, paid only in one bank. In addition, the customer may obtain a lower loan installment than the sum of those installments which are currently repaid in various banks.

The bank grants us a new loan and repays bank loans and advances we have agreed.

Banks offer consolidation loans for a relatively long period of time, even for 10 years and at attractive interest rates. This will allow for easier repayment of loan repayment.

What products can be consolidated? Consolidation makes it possible to pay off such products as:

  • debit in a bank account,
  • credit lines,
  • credit cards,
  • loans and cash loans,
  • car loans,
  • installment loans.

Consolidation loan 80 thousand euro, comparison of banks

Consolidation loan 80 thousand euro, comparison of banks

An example of consolidation at €80,000:

When you repay a cash loan in one bank for the purchased household appliances, in the second you repay a car loan, and in the next you have an active credit card, you pay several installments every month at various banks and on different dates.

The overall level of debt is, for example, €80,000. You can then use a consolidation loan, for example, take a consolidation loan of €80,000. Then, the consolidation of liabilities and consolidation is made into one loan. You only have one loan and one installment. In addition, what is important is that there is only one repayment date, which can often be set at a convenient time, eg the day after receiving the remuneration.

And most importantly: the installment will be lower, than the sum of the loan installments that we paid before consolidation.

Extending the repayment of the liability causes that the installment is smaller, but the loan will be more expensive. The longer the loan period, the more installments and thus the higher interest rates. As you can see, each solution has its pros and cons, but if such a solution allows you to organize your home budget, it is worth considering it.

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