How to add paid invoice watermark to PDF files for free


Watermark is applied to protect intellectual property, basically it adds more professionalism. Many people want to add paid invoice watermark in PDF files so that paid invoices can be easily identified. Read this blog and learn some techniques to add text watermark in PDF invoices.

A watermark is an identifying image or text pattern in confidential documents that indicates information such as the owner of the document and its author. This leaves a professional impression of professional PDF files and also prevents other parties from passing off your work as theirs. A watermark should be added to all critical documents, especially in an invoice.

After selling a product, a seller is required to create a paid invoice watermark in PDF format to keep all records appropriately, and buyers also want their paid invoices to be handled properly. A watermark can be in text or image format which can be added to PDF files. It should be an identifying image or textual pattern that can appear as various shades of light or dark when viewed by transmitted light. There are several advantages of batch watermark PDF files, these are shown below:

1. Copyright protection

2. File authentication

3. Content management on social networks

4. Source tracking

There are many users who want to apply paid invoice watermark in PDF files. If you are also part of it, you have come to the right place. The next section will explain how to add text watermark in PDF files. Before that, let’s understand what are the requirements and issues that users face when adding text and image watermark to PDF documents using these scenarios.

Why Users Want to Create Paid Watermark PDF

“I have about 500 paid invoices in PDF format and I need to provide these invoices to clients. But these invoices have no watermark. I have tried many online techniques to add text watermark in PDF files, but it is not practical. There are a few formatting issues that I am facing. I am looking for a reliable solution through which I can create a batch PDF paid invoice watermark. As I have a deadline and it is about the reputation of my organization, if anyone knows the solution, please suggest me.

“I am a service provider for electrical and electronic devices. I have three clients to whom I must provide electronic copies of invoices. This is about 1000 PDF files in which 800 PDF are paid, but before I publish the invoice, I want to add paid invoice watermark in the PDF files so that I can recognize both paid and unpaid invoices. Is there any effective way to add text watermark to PDF, please tell me ASAP.

Create paid invoice watermark in PDF format using manual solution

You can create a paid PDF watermark using Adobe Acrobat Pro. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Pro on your machine, and run it

2. Now browse the PDF where you want to add watermark

3. After that go to Document option and click Add watermark and background

4. Choose from Add watermark option

5. Add text as PAID and define its size and color

6. Customize watermark settings by adjusting the page range and appearance

7. Click on OK to create and get the watermark on a paid invoice.

To note: In order to create a paid invoice watermark in PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Pro, users need to have its full version. Moreover, with this method, users cannot batch create watermark for PDF files at one time.

Free solution to insert text watermark in PDF files

SysTools Free PDF Watermark Tool is designed to apply text as well as image watermarks on PDF. Although manual methods can be successful in adding text watermarks to PDF files, it is a long and tedious process. Also, it is not able to batch mark PDF files as watermark.

As mentioned in user queries above, it turns out that users are looking for a solution to create paid invoice watermark in PDF files in batches. Therefore, PDF watermark maker free software is a perfect solution and is able to handle text position and transparency level.

Last lines

Watermark is essential for invoices as they are critical and confidential documents. It is extremely important to maintain copyright. A watermark should be less visible and more transparent so that it is difficult to notice. However, sometimes when adding watermark in PDF documents using manual approach, users have difficulty adjusting position of text or image watermark. Hence, it is recommended to go for free Adobe PDF watermark maker. It is the safe and secure solution to create paid invoice watermark in PDF files. In addition, this tool maintains the integrity of the original data.


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