Launch of a new invoice financing product A welcome break from traditional factoring

Small businesses can now request invoice financing
via FundFlow, a new product that has many advantages over traditional factoring.

Jamar Finance has been providing business-to-business financing for seven years and saw the launch of its new product, FundFlow, as an opportunity to provide another service to its clients.

FundFlow offers on-bill financing for small businesses. Founder Jim Churchman says, “When it comes to cash flow, timing is everything. FundFlow increases your short-term free cash flow through invoice financing – buying your invoices and turning them into cash.”

When asked how his product differs from traditional invoice factoring, Churchman explains that “factoring companies typically take over all of your accounts receivable records and can lock you into long-term contracts, with monthly fee. FundFlow has no long-term contracts or administration fees, and you only pay for the service when you use it. It’s perfect for businesses that need a little extra cash flow help from time to time. With FundFlow, you can name and sell individual invoices to improve your cash flow”.

The process is quite simple. Once your account and credit limit for invoice financing is approved, the company submits the invoices for which it wishes to obtain financing. The company takes a personal approach to each client and tailors a specific solution to each client’s needs.

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